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Welcome to My Page.

Please consider why furniture restoration may be a great option for you! Check out the gallery, services menu. Contact me if you would like more information.

Located in Crossroads area of Kansas City.

Available for on-site estimates and consultation.

Equipped for on-site service.

20+ years of refinishing and design experience on the commercial level.

I have passion for my work.

I am very good at what I do.

Passion and skill producing quality craftsmanship.

Yet, reasonable pricing.

KNOW new and Renew.

   There are quality manufacturers of furniture that will offer a lifetime of joy and comfort. If you would like to learn more about what to look for, I would be happy to do a consultation on how to recognize quality and avoid wasting money on “disposable” furniture.

   Shopping for new furniture has changed greatly in just the last few years. It may all seem the same, but It is not.

   The technology for forming wood pulp into furniture components resembling solid wood, coupled with the emergence of Asia, as our primary manufacturer, has produced an inferior product that may be new, looks great for now and cheap. But generally the product will not last. In just a few years many of these pieces will be in the landfills. But I can restore those items as well and extend their use.

Good quality furniture should last 50, 150, 250... years. Much longer than today's new.

   The older it is.....the better it is.... Most all of the old-growth woods, world wide, have been used up. These days, most solid wood dining table tops are made up of many small boards, from small trees. Older tables were made with much larger boards....Better quality..

What I can do for your older furniture of quality will last much longer then 10 years. More like 30 to 50.

I love what I do

   Memories, family history and beautiful, useful pieces can be passed on.

   I have been fortunate to work on thousands of those over the years.

Make that beloved piece alive and useful again. Bring back a sense of family history that will endure. Reclaim materials, beautiful woods and reuse them in new design. It is often an easy choice.

Reuse     Recycle     Renew

Restoration is part of a green philosophy!

Established and satisfied customer references available.

Estimates are free, with an exception for insurance claims.

Estimates for claims on insurance policies will have a charge.

But, that charge will be credited to work done.